Handicapped Bathroom Installation in Central Pennsylvania

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If you or a loved one are physically disabled or wheelchair bound, designing and outfitting an accessible bathroom provides a number of opportunities and challenges. Fortunately, the team of experts at Re-Bath & More is up to the task, with a number of options for bathroom fixtures, and design elements, to make all handicapped bathrooms functional and beautiful.

Every consideration is taken with regards to safety and usability, as even the most simple changes can allow users to remain in their own home, while improving quality of life. Universal design accommodates the needs of all potential and existing users, adding flexibility, and making the bathroom a safe, comfortable space for anyone who enters.

At Re-Bath & More, we have a wide selection of products and accessories to choose from, to ensure your handicapped bathroom remodel is a success. To learn more about our extensive product line, or to schedule your FREE, in-home design consultation contact us online, or give us a call at 717-208-2482. We provide high-quality, transformative bathroom remodels and installations throughout all of Central Pennsylvania.


Handicapped Bathroom Design Considerations

Our highly qualified design team will consider a number of elements before finalizing the plans for your handicapped bathroom, including the following:

  • Present configuration of toilet, tub/shower, and sink.
  • Location and size of all bathrooms within the home.
  • Ease of cleaning.
  • The style of shower or tub you prefer.
  • Safety considerations.
  • Storage requirements.
  • Accessories.
  • Use of color and space.

Essential Elements

Styles, finishes, and accessories, are all design elements reflective of your personal taste, but there are a number of essential elements which are beneficial to all handicapped bathrooms, adding to their functionality and safety.

Safety Bathtubs

Eliminate the risk of slips or falls, while enjoying the many benefits of a warm bath. Those with disabilities or limited mobility are typically faced with a loss of independence, but a walk-in tub can help restore a sense of freedom and well-being, while providing the restorative properties of a bath.

white walk-in bathtub with swing out door from re-bath

Universal Access Showers

Shower stalls which can accommodate both able-bodied and handicapped users, have no raised edge  or threshold for ease of entry with a wheelchair, or to prevent the risk of falling to those entering on foot. If desired, a low rubber curb can be installed, to prevent the transfer of water in to the main bathroom space, along with a built in shower seat, or bench.

zero threshold shower

This is a zero threshold shower, meaning there is nothing to trip over as you enter the shower!

Adjustable Showerhead

In order to accommodate a variety of users, a height adjustable, hand held shower head is a must have. A slider bar allows the occupant to raise or lower the height of the unit quickly and easily, and shower controls should be lowered to remain accessible for all.

Grab Bars

Bars should be place in close proximity to the shower, bath and toilet to provide assistance, stability and leverage.

Raised Toilet

Depending on individual needs, you may opt for a number of options regarding the toilet:

  • Raised seat. Thick toilet seats are available to add height to the unit, and are the least expensive option for an existing fixture. If you don’t like the look of a thicker seat, consider installing a platform at the base of the unit to accomplish the same outcome.
  • Taller toilet. For a new installation, a taller unit with a seat 17 inches off the floor is typically preferred.
  • Wall mount. Enjoy added stability, and maneuverability with the available floor space below the unit.
  • Grab bars on either side, easy to reach flush controls and tissue dispenser, and a bidet function heighten the usability of the unit.

Handicapped Bathroom Installation in Central Pennsylvania

To learn more about handicapped bathroom design and available options in Lancaster or the surrounding Central Pennsylvania area, give us a call at 717-208-2482 today.