Bathroom Refurbishment

Thinking of refurbishing your bathroom? Re-Bath & More provides affordable, high-quality, and efficient bathroom remodeling, refurbishing, and redesigning for homeowners throughout Central Pennsylvania. Keep reading to learn more about the bathroom refurbishment process or contact us online to schedule a FREE design consultation with one of our industry experts!

Refurbishment Cost

The possible cost of refurbishing your bathroom may be preventing you from committing to redesigning the space, but at Re-Bath & More, we provide an affordable bathroom refurbishing experience that can add beauty, value, and increased functionality to the space and your home.

The cost of refurbishing will vary depending on the individual costs of:

  • Replacing and upgrading main bathroom elements (bathtub, vanity, sink, toilet, etc.)
  • Refurbishing floor, tile, and walls
  • Adding in accessories, hardware, and fixtures
  • Choosing more advanced product features (including custom glass, heated flooring, etc.)

For Central Pennsylvania homeowners, our remodeling experts offer complimentary design consultations—call us today and discuss your ideas to get a price and begin your refurbishment process!

Bathroom Refurbishment Ideas

Your current bathroom has so much potential—whether you want a full remodel or to just replace the tub. At Re-Bath & More, we are backed by a nationally recognized and respected brand, Re-Bath®, which gives us the buying power and wide product selection of a large corporation while keeping the stellar customer service aspects of a locally-owned company.

When refurbishing your bathroom, you’ll want to consider what you want to do with your:

  • Bathtub or shower
  • Cabinetry
  • Vanity and countertops
  • Sink and toilet
  • Flooring
  • Lighting
  • Walls
  • Hardware, accessories, and fixtures

At Re-Bath & More, we can take care of the entire process! We have perfected the refurbishment process to provide a professional and efficient experience, using still only the highest-quality of bathroom products.

bathroom shower upgrade pa

Refurbish Your Bathroom in Central Pennsylvania

Our team has remodeled and refurbished thousands of bathrooms in the Central PA region—including Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, and other surrounding areas. To every bathroom project, we bring:

  • Over 30 years of industry experience
  • A 96 percent referral rate of our customers
  • An award-winning remodeling background (with 18+ local and national awards)
  • An A+ rating on the BBB (maintained for over 8 years with zero complaints)

Need more convincing? See what your neighbors have said about their remodeling experience with Re-Bath & More.

Ready to begin refurbishing your bathroom? Call us at 717-208-2482717-208-2482 or contact us online today to schedule your FREE design consultation!

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