Bathroom Renovation in Central PA

Many people only choose to renovate their bathrooms right before they put their house for sale on the market. Most buyers look for luxurious, beautiful bathrooms when they are looking to purchase a home, but what about current homeowners? Having no plans to move is not an excuse for ignoring your cluttered, out-dated bathroom.

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Why Should You Renovate Your Bathroom?

Even if you have no plans to sell your Central PA home, a bathroom renovation can become a reality more easily (and more affordable) than you think.

You should be able to enjoy the benefits of your new bathroom while you live in your home instead of after you make plans to move. Renovating your bathroom can:

  • Give you more space
  • Provide more storage
  • Reflect your personal style
  • Add personality to your home
  • Allow you to age more comfortably in your home
  • Add value to your home if you sell it later on

Tub & Shower Renovations

As the centerpiece in your bathroom, the tub and shower should capture the majority of your renovation’s attention. While many homeowners accept the traditional bathtub (complete with a shower head with a build-up of calcium deposits and dangling shower curtain), renovating your tub and shower can greatly improve both of their functionality and style.

Have you thought about installing a:

  • Walk-in bathtub
  • Stand alone shower
  • Multi-head shower
  • Steam shower

Don’t think that these luxuries will always just be “what-if” pins that you scroll by on Pinterest. Re-Bath & More can make your dream bathroom fantasies come true! When you meet with one of our remodeling experts at your complimentary design consultation, they will educate you on all of your options and styling choices for your renovation.

Flooring & Tiling Renovations

Glass tile can give a bathroom an underwater look. Ceramic and marble tile are extremely durable and water-resistant. Floor-to-ceiling tile can add drama and personality to even a small bathroom. Heated floors can make getting ready on even the coldest days in Pennsylvania more enjoyable.

Do these options sound overwhelming? Don’t fear—our design consultants will ensure that your renovation includes all the features and luxuries you desire while also remaining cohesive in design and style.

Sinks & Vanities Renovations

Is the quickly and sloppily installed vanity standing up to the daily use your bathroom experiences? Does your generic white pedestal sink offer enough counter space for your daily grooming? Sinks and vanities shouldn’t be second thoughts when you begin planning your bathroom renovation designs—what you select will greatly impact your daily use of your bathroom.

Be sure to consider what type of sink you’d like, with options including:

  • Wall-mounted
  • Pedestal
  • Vessel
  • Framed
  • Drop-in
  • Under-mount

Begin Your Bathroom Renovation Project

If you’re ready to begin your renovation project, you don’t have to worry about it becoming a time-consuming hassle that takes over your home. We understand that you use your bathroom on a daily basis, so you’ll be pleased to know that a complete remodel can be completed quickly and efficiently with Re-Bath & More. With that, we will still take our time to professional renovate your bathroom using the processes we have perfected with thousands of redesigns in your area.

We are an award-winning, locally owned company backed by a nationally respected brand, Re-Bath®. This gives us access to a wide selection of products, styles, and designs to truly make your new bathroom unique. To learn more about bathroom renovation process and to request your free in-home consultation, contact us today!

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