Contemporary Bathroom Design

Bathroom Remodeling in Central PA

Contemporary bathroom designs are becoming more and more common as homeowners desire a sleek and elegant style upgrade to their bathrooms. This style is also quite popular among homeowners with small bathrooms, as the clean lines and sleek look help keep a smaller space open and bright. A contemporary style can transform your bathroom and add value to your Pennsylvania home for years to come!

At Re-Bath & More, we have been remodeling bathrooms throughout Lancaster, Harrisburg, York, and the surrounding areas for many years and can help make your dream contemporary bathroom a reality.

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What Is Contemporary Bathroom Design?

Contemporary style includes a range of styles from the late 20th century. As opposed to modern design, contemporary style incorporates softer and rounded lines. Here’s a basic of typical contemporary design styles in bathrooms:

  • Colors used: contemporary design relies heavily on brown, taupe, cream, and white but statement pieces of bold colors are featured throughout the room (sometimes in the accessories or bath mats)
  • Products/fixtures: items like the tub, sink, and toilet use clean, smooth lines without excessive detailing. Cabinets are often made of light-colored woods (maple and birch)
  • Finishes: Frosted or clear glass, stainless steel, nickel, and chrome finishes are quite common in contemporary bathrooms
  • Lighting: Lighting is often used to make a statement in the bathroom, while providing adequate light for everyday routines

By definition, contemporary bathroom designs don’t refer to a hyper-specific period in history (like Art Deco designs do) but rather feature more “up-to-date” and in-style design features. Sometimes mistaken for modern design, contemporary style are sleek, simple, and great for smaller bathroom spaces.

Contemporary Style Bathroom Redesigns in Central PA

Creating a cohesive bathroom style that is both contemporary in design and functional in use can seem like a hefty project—but it doesn’t have to be with the experts at Re-Bath & More. We have remodeled thousands of bathrooms throughout Central PA and strive to ensure you and your family experience an efficient, high-quality, and professional bathroom remodel, from your initial call to the installation and follow up.

When you call us to talk about your vision for a contemporary bathroom design, we invite you to schedule a FREE initial consultation with one of our remodeling experts. They will walk you through all the product and style choices—from accessories and lighting to flooring and tubs.

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