Best Toys for Bath Time with the Kids

Posted on: September 1,2016

Baby in BathBath time means sharing special time between you and your little one. It’s also a great opportunity for learning some developmental skills in fun and creative ways.  It’s important to have the right toys to make bath time learning more enjoyable, so you can both look forward to this unique playtime together!

Here are some of the best toys for bath time:

Finding Dory Water Squirters

These toys are a fun way to educate your tot about different sea animals by recognizing their shapes and colors.  They’ll enjoy seeing their favorite characters go from bath time to the big screen as you watch the movie together!

Boon Chomp Whale Bath Toy

This toy is not only a fun game to play as your tot navigates the whale through the choppy bath waters to swallow u as many little fish as possible, but its a great way to work on their eye hand coordination!

Color Bath Dropz

For an easy way to get your little one excited bout bath time, try Crayola Color Bath Dropz! They’ll enjoy watching their bath water turn their favorite colors, while learning how different colors combine to make others.

Waterproof Books

Sesame Street, Disney or Bath Time all have plenty of options to help you turn bath time into story time! Many of these waterproof books also have pages with 3D objects to touch or push for more interactive reading.

Little Tikes Bathketball

Your tyke won’t even notice you scrubbing behind their ears as they shoot and score with this fun toy set.  This is another great game for eye hand coordination that introduces them to a fun sport to play.

Alex Toys Shapes for the Tub

These floating letter and numbers will you’re your tot preoccupied all bath time.  They’ll be using their thinking caps and spelling out words in no time!

Crayola Bathtub Crayons

The bath walls will become your little artist’s blank canvas to draw and color as they wish.  They’ll enjoy the only time it’s acceptable to write on the walls, while you’ll enjoy knowing they rinse away easily from tiles when their finished.

Green Toys Yellow Submarine

A nautical journey is underway in the tub with this submarine toy made from recycled plastic milk jugs.  Your little one will be exploring the bottom of the tub and scooping and pouring all bath time long. Whether or not they appreciate the earth-friendly manufacturing of this toy, at least you can!

With a couple of these toys incorporated into bath time, it’ll be a piece of cake getting the kids into the tub. Make the moments you have together just a little more special by ensuring bath time will be fun for both of you!

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