4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Warm this Winter

Posted on: October 24,2013

With fall in full swing here in Pennsylvania, we’re prepping for winter months ahead. In our opinion, there’s nothing worse than a cold bathroom in the dead of winter, so we’re highlighting some ways you can ensure a comfortable and warm bathroom during those icy months that are fast approaching.

1. Add a Heated Towel Rack

If you’re like most people, the winter months mean you step out of a hot shower into the cold air desperately searching for a towel, to dry off and warm up. We think every bathroom experience should be pleasant, and that’s one of the reasons we offer heated towel racks. These towel racks are an inexpensive approach to warming up your bathroom. If you don’t love the look of the heated towel rack in your home, we also offer attractive glass towel warmers that come in a variety of colors.

2. Consider Adding Carpet or a Bathroom Rug

Who wants to step out of a hot shower onto a freezing cold marble floor? Lay down a rug or some carpet to keep your bathroom space nice and toasty. Carpets or rugs can also add a nice homey feel to the bathroom, or give you an excuse to add a festive holiday rug to decorate for the season.

3. Install a heated floor system

For those who really hate the cold, or who are ready for a bathroom remodel project, heated floors are a great feature to add to the bathroom. Under-floor heating distributes heat evenly across the floor so you don’ get any cold-spots. Heated floors can be installed through a hydronic or electric system. We typically install radiant heat mats because they’re perfect for tile, laminate or wood flooring.

4. Check Your Windows

Windows are the main culprit for letting cold air into the bathroom and even the smallest crack in the window can result in a loss of warm air and an increase in your heating bill. We recommend making sure your windows are air-tight. You may want to install storm windows or extra insulation around your windows to protect your bathroom from outside cold air. This will not only keep your bathroom warm, it will save you money on your energy bill.

Now could be a good time to start your bathroom remodel if you’d like it done before the cold rolls in and visitors arrive for the holidays. Let us know if we can help.