5 Bathroom Designs You’ll Fall in Love With

Posted on: February 3,2017

One of the great things about bathroom design is that there are always new trends, advances and upgrades to enjoy. Here are some bathroom design ideas we think you’ll love!

Get A Little Color

Has the all-white bathroom trend got you feeling a bit washed out? Then maybe it’s time for a little color. Or even a lot of color! Choose a vanity in a bold lacquered finish. Paint one wall a vibrant shade. Pick tiles in interesting geometric patterns. Accessorize with fun pops of color.

So Shiny

Embrace the light with a bright and shiny bathroom. Glossy tiles, shiny mirrors, sparkling glass and a light color palette can make a small room feel so much bigger. Choose sleek tiles with minimal grout lines, and flat front cabinets for an unfussy, modern feeling.

A Taste of History

2017-02-03_16-05-22Go for a vintage look with lots of character. Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco… With classic fixtures, a free-standing tub and replica tiles, you can create a period-inspired bath that makes a statement. Hunt for salvaged tubs, sinks and fixtures since they are cheaper than reproduction pieces.

Earthy Elegance

Natural materials and warm woods help soften the cold hard surfaces in any bathroom. Natural finish wood paneling is timeless, while natural stone basins or tiles add texture and unusual charm. Works with a variety of styles, from traditional farmhouse to Danish modern. You can try faux stone finishes for a more affordable version.

The Whole-Room Spa

Make the whole bathroom a wet room by waterproofing and tiling the ceiling, walls & floor, installing a drain in the floor, and then sloping the floor toward the drain. No steps make this a great option for the old or young or those with mobility issues. Give the space a spa feeling with watery shades of blue & green. If you can’t afford to create a wet room, try a super low-profile shower tray for a similar feel.

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