5 Design Tips to Energize Your Bathroom

Posted on: September 19,2016

It seems that most modern design trends are all about pushing the simple, understated look.  But in an intimate space like your bathroom, this can make the room feel uninviting and cold.  Give a couple of these design tips a try, and add some personality and energy to your bathroom while achieving that high-end style you’re looking for.

Designing the Ideal Bathroom for Your Central PA Home


Detailed Mirror

Every bathroom has one, and sure a plain slab will do the trick, but to really add some character to your bathroom, try a detailed or hanging mirror instead.  Utilize natural materials to add some warmth or funky decorative accents to spice things up.  Depending on the size of your mirror and space, this can really become a focal point of the room and make a fun, decorative piece out of a bathroom essential.

Statement-Making Sink

As one of the most prominent features in any bathroom, the more creative your sink is, the more enticing the entire space will be. Switch it up from traditional porcelain, and try a vessel sink made of clay, copper or even cast iron.  Explore what type of shape and material make the best combo for your space.

Mix and Match Tiles

Forget traditional solid tiles, and get really creative by mixing colors and textures.  Decorate an entire accent wall with this mosaic design for a dramatic flare or simply incorporate sporadic mirror pieces into a bold porcelain tile wall with more subtle personality.

Dark Colors

If you have larger wall space covered in tiles, mirrors or windows, try contrasting these areas with a dark paint color for a dynamic look that emphasizes the more distinctive features of the room.  You can also use darker paints to break up a solid, light wall color by adding it to a chair rail or base tile.  This helps add dimension to the room without being too overbearing.


Stripes, polka dots and other fun patterns make great additions to a lot of rooms in the house, but often never seem to make it to the bathroom.  These low-commitment additions to your color scheme add a lot of energy and life to your bathroom through items like shower curtains, towels or even artwork.  Figure out what colors make your bathroom pop and incorporate them in your décor.

Contact Re-Bath & More for Additional Bathroom Design Tips

With the right design, you can add energy to your bathroom without sacrificing the stylish look of a modern bathroom.  Even if you’re looking to create peaceful environment, a splash of color or unique décor can help create a more personal space for you and your family to enjoy.

If you’re still looking for more ways to improve your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal, contact the experts at Re-Bath & More in Lancaster, PA! Our design specialists will help you find the right solutions to create the perfect bathroom for you and your family. Give us a call at 717-208-2482 or contact us online today.