5 Luxurious Bathroom Lighting Tips

Posted on: September 11,2013

bathroom-lighting-00When it comes to bathroom lighting, there are countless options. We offer (FREE) bathroom remodeling consultations to our Central PA customers, and when we talk about lighting, we ask clients what kind of feel or mood they want in their bathroom.

Utilizing light and good bathroom design techniques allows us at Re-Bath & More to help our clients achieve the desired tone for their bathroom. Most times, our clients want a bathroom that feels luxurious, especially in larger bathrooms.

Here are five tips to achieving lighting that renders a mood of luxury in your bathroom:

1. Use Multiple Layers of Lighting

Include makeup lighting along your mirrors, utilize bathroom light fixtures such as wall sconces, and place decorative ceiling lights above the bathtub area. Additionally, highlight any art on your bathroom walls with additional lighting. If you really want a luxurious feel to your space, don’t rely on a few overhead bulbs installed into the ceiling.

2. Allow for Lots of Light

It may seem evident that to create a comfortable, luxurious bathroom, you want lots of light. Some customers worry about placing more than one lamp fixture, chandelier or lighting device in their bathroom. While it’s good to avoid cluttering your bathroom vanity with lamps, don’t scrimp on the lighting. There are lots of subtle lighting options that won’t draw attention away from your overall design.

3. Use LED Lighting for a Soft Glow

LED light can beam too brightly in many open spaces. However, when used correctly, it creates a soft glow in the bathroom. This type of ambient lighting works well underneath your vanity, on the insides of shelves, as cove lighting, or behind your bathroom mirror.

4. Install a Dimmer Switch

Nothing sets the mood like lighting can, and with a dimmer switch, you can turn the lights down and take a relaxing bath. Dimmers allow you to have control over the brightness of your bathroom, which means you can switch the mood from bright to soothing with just the touch of a button.

5. Choose the Proper Light Bulbs

With halogen bulbs, there are a variety of voltage options. These bulbs are compact, and can give a nice bright effect to a room. Halogen bulbs are typically a little more expensive than generic incandescent light bulbs, but they create nice, bright light and last longer.

If you’re looking for a total bathroom remodel, or could just use some help with fixing up your bathroom, please contact us. We’d be happy to help!