5 Quick Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Posted on: October 15,2013

Bathroom cleaning tipsWhether you’ve got a half-bath or a spacious master bathroom, you can’t deny the fact that your bathroom can get dirty fast if you don’t manage the mess. Because you and your family are in your home’s bathrooms many times a day, you can’t really avoid messes. So to help you figure out how to keep that bathroom clean and stay on top of the mess, here are five easy, quick steps.

1. Perform daily, quick wipe-downs

Keep a roll of paper-towels or anti-bacterial wet-wipes to clean up small water spots or messes. Letting water or soap dry on surfaces makes it that much harder to clean up later.

A quick, 15-second wipe of your countertops and mirror make a big difference in the long-run. Keep those wipes right under the sink, easy to access so that everyone using the bathroom can quickly wipe up after themselves.

2. Organize your storage space

Even if you have cabinets or bathroom drawers, your brushes, toothpastes, razors, and other bathroom products seem to get thrown into one big drawer, creating a cluttered mess. Avoid disorganization by dividing larger drawers with smaller containers to separate the toothbrushes from makeup or other products. Having an organized, sectioned-off space for specific items will help keep things tidy.

3. Air out your bathroom

This may seem too basic to include in our list, but you can avoid mildew growing in your shower if you simply allow for proper air circulation. If your bathroom doesn’t have windows, consider adding a fan, and be sure to keep the bathroom door open after the shower has been running. Letting your bathroom dry our will prevent lots of scrubbing or even repairs later on.

4. Spritz your toilet bowl on a regular basis

No one likes to scrub the toilet bowl, but you won’t have a big mess if you regularly spritz the bowl with some all-purpose cleaner and give the bowl a swish with the toilet brush. This will keep toilet bowl bacteria to a minimum.

5. Squeegee your shower

Hard water stains and soap scum are the hardest to clean off tile and glass shower doors. Avoid hours of scrubbing by simply squeegeeing the walls and door of the shower to eliminate hard water stains as well as reduce soap scum.

We hope these five quick steps will help you maintain a cleaner bathroom and avoid Saturday cleaning for hours on end. For help with bathroom remodeling, contact us today!