5 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Posted on: October 3,2013

ShowerheadCreating an eco-friendly bathroom is about more than just buying eco-friendly products for green cleaning. Natural bathroom cleaner certainly might help, but here are a few other tips from Re-Bath & More to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

1.Replace Your Showerhead

Most showerheads drop about 7 gallons of water every minute, but with a low-flow showerhead you can eliminate water waste. Depending on the model, your showerhead could emit less than half the amount of typical shower heads, and you’ll also save money on your water bill.

2.Check Your Toilet and Faucets for Leaks

We’ve all had that annoying leak in our bathroom faucet, or a running toilet that we procrastinate fixing. Well, according to studies, your toilet can make up for as much as 30% of your household water consumption. Imagine how much that number might skyrocket if your toilet is leaking!

To check if yours is leaking, you can drop a few drops of food coloring in your toilet bowl, come back half an hour later and see if the color is the same. If it’s been diluted, or returned to normal, you may want to call in some help for that leaky toilet.

3.Change Out Your Bulbs

Compact fluorescent bulbs use less energy than your standard incandescent bulb. And while fluorescent bulbs are generally more expensive, they last a lot longer.

4.Get a Plant

Studies by NASA show that plants actually clean toxins like acetone and formaldehyde from the air. Not only will the plant add to a healthy air space, it will brighten up the room and create a natural feel in your bathroom.

5.Turn Off the Water

This may sound overly simple, but don’t leave the water running. How often do you start the shower, and walk away for a few minutes to let it warm up? Lower your water bill and lessen your carbon footprint by turning of the sink as you brush your teeth and turning on the shower only when you’re ready to step in.

At Re-Bath & More we offer many energy efficient bathroom products. Stop by our showroom or contact us today for more information on our bathroom remodeling products.