5 Tips for Quick Bathroom Makeovers

Posted on: September 3,2013

bathroom accessoriesSometimes your wallet can’t handle a whole bathroom remodel, or maybe you just want to give your bathroom a little TLC. Instead of replacing your bathroom vanity, shower, and sinks, use these five tips to give your bathroom a quick makeover.

1. Update countertop accessories

Perhaps your bathroom could benefit from a splash of color. Purchasing brightly colored or beautifully designed soap dishes, toothbrush cups, or cosmetic trays can provide the perfect amount of color without breaking your budget.

2. Add a wall decal

Many people think they have to re-paint or wallpaper if they want to update the look of their bathroom. With print technology the way it is today, you can customize and easily install semi- or non-permanent wall decals. These decals can be as large or as small you want or need them, and they provide updated design elements at an inexpensive price.

3. Replace your bathroom hardware

A great way to make a quick bathroom transformation is by switching out your hardware on the bathroom cabinets or sinks. Chrome cabinet handles, or uniquely designed taps can offer a new look for your bathroom, without the cost of updating every element in the bathroom.

4. Buy a new shower curtain

Shower curtains can transform a space in a matter of minutes. You can find a wide variety of shower curtains online, at your local superstore, or department store. Shower curtains can fit within any budget, so updating yours won’t break your budget.

5. Add a plant to liven up the space

Consider adding a small vase of succulents or an orchid to your bathroom. These plants last for months and can be found at most grocery stores or local nurseries.

If you’re looking for a more complete bathroom remodel, contact us at Re-Bath & More. Our design experts offer free initial consultations and can help you transform your space within your budget! When you’re ready to remodel your current bathroom into the bathroom of your dreams, give us a call or contact us online. We’d love to help!