5 Ways to Manage Your Guest Bathroom

Posted on: November 7,2013

Whenever you have guests it’s important that your bathroom is presentable. If you have a separate guest bathroom that you invite visitors to use, whether they’re visiting for an hour or a week, it’s important to make sure that you offer them a clean and functional space. We’ve got 5 tips to making your guest bathroom presentable and friendly so that you aren’t caught off guard when visitors ask, “Could you direct me to your restroom?”

1. Always Have Clean Towels Stored in the Bathroom

Even if your guest bathroom is a half-bath, you want to be sure your guests have a clean towel to dry off with after washing their hands. We’d suggest utilizing basket storage, either under the sink, or on a shelf above the toilet. If space permits, you may want to have two baskets, one for clean towels and one for dirty towels so that your guests have somewhere to place their soiled towel, and you can keep track of which linens have already been used.

2. Stock the Bathroom

Even if your guests are sharing your primary bathroom with you, it’s important that they have access to amenities they didn’t bring with them. We suggest using either temporary or permanent storage holders for items such as toothpaste, disposable razors and cotton balls that you can set on the counter for guests to use. This also allows your guests to avoid the awkward process of snooping through your bathroom cabinets to find those items they forgot to pack.

3. Add Candles or Scented Spray

It doesn’t matter where the smells are coming from, no one can feel comfortable in a bathroom if it smells odd. We suggest placing a scented candle on the bathroom counter top, or a spray so that your guests can freshen up the bathroom space.

4. Clean Your Trashcan

If you haven’t been using trash can liners, be sure that your trash can is clean and presentable. All too often we skip over small bathroom items like the trash can, but a dirty bathroom will really turn someone off, preventing them from feeling comfortable as a guest using your bathroom.

5. Wash All Linens

It’s obvious that you want to clean the toilet, sink, and shower before guests come, but do we remember to wash the bath mat, or shower curtain? Be sure to take a look at other linens in the bathroom before you invite guests over.

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