6 Definite Benefits to Remodeling Your Bathroom

Posted on: January 9,2017

Are you pondering a bathroom remodel? Wondering whether it’s worth the effort and inconvenience? Well, here are some of the surefire benefits you’ll reap from going ahead.


  • Good return on investment. A bathroom or kitchen remodel is one of the best bets for renovation. Studies show that a homeowner can recoup between 50 to 65% of their investment when they sell the home.
  • Enhanced livability. Depending on the age of your home, your bathroom may not work for your modern family. With a thoughtful remodel, you can improve the layout, add needed storage, and update the fixtures.
  • Improved structure. Again, depending on the age of your home, this is a great opportunity to fix or improve outdated or broken infrastructure – bad floors, moldy surfaces, old electric & plumbing. All good things when you sell the house.
  • Better energy efficiency. New plumbing fixtures are incredibly efficient compared to older ones. Updated fixtures can save billions of gallons of water, as well as billions in energy costs.
  • More personality. The bathroom is a great place to express your personality – without breaking the bank. There’s an incredible array of colors, textures, materials & fixtures available today.
  • Planning for the future. If you plan to be living in your home as an older person, remodeling the bathroom with universal design features is a good idea. It increases safety and accessibility, and the features can be melded into the new design.

Our Bathroom Remodeling Process

It all starts with a free in-home consultation with one of our design consultants, who will listen to your needs and wishes and discuss all the factors that go into your remodeling project, including:

  • Style
  • Budget
  • Specific functions and lifestyle needs
  • Products
  • Hardware

In addition to having the planning part down cold, we also have access to products and options for a wide range of preferences and budgets. Our skilled design consultants can guide you through the many choices we offer in:

Once we start constructing your new bathroom, factory-trained Re-Bath installers will be there to answer your questions, and to professionally install all new parts and products. Your full-service redesign will be completed quickly, proficiently, and in a respectful manner. Our installers are on time, courteous, and get the job done right the first time.

Start Planning Your Bathroom Remodel Today!

So, what are you waiting for? The sooner you begin your bath remodeling project, the sooner you can enjoy a beautiful, functional, custom bathroom from Re-Bath & More!

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