6 Ways to Make Your Half Bath Look Larger

Posted on: August 4,2016

Half baths are a great addition to any home, providing convenience and value to your property. However, sometimes these bathrooms can feel tiny or out of place if not designed properly. You want your half baths to cohesively fit your home style as much as any other room, so we’ve come compiled some tips to make the most of the size of your half bath.


How to Make the Most of the Space in Your Half Bathroom


The tones and colors that you choose for your half bath can have a big influence on how big or small it appears. Try to keep colors of walls, tiles and floors similar to create a continuous flow throughout the space. By contrasting these surfaces, you’ll only break up the room, making it seem smaller. If you’re really set on having spontaneous pops of color throughout the room, incorporate them into objects such as cabinets or light fixtures, and not your larger surfaces.


Blending different surfaces in your half bath is a great way to expand the look and feel of the room. Let tiles flow from the floors to the walls and ceilings to create the illusion of a deeper, cleaner space. Choose bolder, solid tiles as opposed to smaller pieces that create a busier, more cluttered look. Also, choosing gleaming or glass tiles that reflect more light will brighten the space and make it appear larger.


Size does matter when it comes to bathroom features. Keep your furniture smaller and less assertive with floating vanities or pedestal sinks that look just as nice as full-sized units, but take up a fraction of the space.  Sticking to a minimalist look will eliminate distracting visuals that clutter the room. Inversely, go big with tiles. Smaller tiles such as mosaic styles tend to break up the space instead of creating one fluid look. The fewer grout lines, the better.


Let as much light as possible into the room. Windows make any space feel larger so don’t minimize the amount of natural light coming in with bulky curtains or dark colors. Try sheer fabrics that cover only the lower half of the window to maintain privacy while still transmitting light. The same goes for other glass features. Stay away from frosted or textured glass that simply appears like another wall and closes in the space even more.


Probably the most effective way to make your bathroom feel grander is the use of mirrors. Large mirrors that touch the ceiling or encompass an entire wall create incredible depth that doesn’t actually exist.  Be strategic with your mirror placement in terms of what it will reflect back.  Aligning them to face windows or focal points of the room will double the natural light or put more emphasis on the nicest parts of your bathroom. Try not to use double mirrors to accomplish this as they also tend to break up the space.


In a small space, large cabinets and shelves tend to make you feel boxed in. Keep these units lower and out of your eye line to help broaden the space. Or, get rid of them all together. Cabinet doors can weigh down the space visually, so keep things lighter and more airy with open shelves and vanities. Experiment with baskets and other lidless storage solutions placed on open shelves. These types of shelves help the eye travel from wall to wall, and force you be a little more selective and tidy when filling them. Recessed shelves or medicine cabinets are another great way to maximize space as you design your half bath. Use already existing wall space to install these types of units (seek a professional for any stud cutting, etc. needed) to save space and create nearly invisible storage.

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