7 Low-Cost Projects to Update Your Bathroom

Posted on: October 8,2013

centennial-vanityInterested in improving your home? Research shows that kitchens and bathrooms are two places you can invest in to get more money out of your home when you sell it. Plus, a bathroom improvement now is something you can enjoy before you move and for weeks and months to come.

You may not need a complete bathroom remodel to experienced the added value. A simple update may do the trick. Here are seven low-cost bathroom improvement projects to update your bathroom.

1. Paint Your Bathroom

If you’re bathroom feels outdated, or you’re looking for a change, re-painting the room may do the job. Paint can brighten your bathroom, or alter the mood to reflect other fixtures in the bathroom. It’s an inexpensive fix, and re-painting is a relatively fast, inexpensive process.

2. Update Bathroom Accessories

If you haven’t made any changes to your bathroom for a while, you could probably benefit from updating your bathroom accessories. The first item to change would be the bathroom mirror. A bathroom mirror should complement other fixtures in your bathroom, but you also have a lot of design options with mirrors. Find a framed mirror to fit over your bathroom vanity, or build your own frame.

3. Update your Bathroom Fixtures

Small items like bathroom hardware can be replaced for a little money, but they have the potential to really make your bathroom pop. At Re-Bath & More we offer heated towel racks that provide you with a warm towel when you exit the shower or bath. Towel racks can be mounted on a wall, or be free-standing. We also carry a wide-range of toilet paper holders.

4. Update your Bathroom Vanity

Updating your bathroom vanity can often transform your whole bathroom. If your shower or bathtub is working well, replacing cabinetry, countertops or your bathroom sink can give your bathroom the update you need.

The nice thing about updating your vanity is that you can choose how far you want to take your project. Maybe new countertops are out of your budget. Consider painting your countertops with Rustoleum Countertop solutions (found at your local hardware store). If you like your bathroom cabinetry, then consider installing a new countertop and sink.

5. Replace your Light Fixtures

Most small bathrooms don’t have large windows or much natural light, which makes light fixtures a pretty important element of the bathroom. Even if you’d like a warm-toned bathroom, your bathroom should always have maximum light capabilities, since you’re likely doing things like applying makeup or shaving. The cost of light fixtures varies widely, allowing you to select the product that fits your budget.

6. Buy New Bathroom Linens

How long has that dingy bathmat been adorning your floor? Are you using the same shower curtain you registered for when you got married? Have your towels faded from too many washings over the years?

Towels and bathroom linens should be rotated every so often, especially if you live in a humid area prone to mildew. New linens can also help you create a more cohesive bathroom design and update the color in your bathroom.

7. Add Vintage or Repurposed Storage

In our experience, most bathrooms are short on storage. If space allows, add some stylish storage using a vintage shelf, or a wire basket to store towels, soaps or other bathroom products.

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