8 Must-Have Bathroom Accessories

Posted on: August 16,2016

rebathFor being a small space, the bathroom usually has lots of accessories— from soap dishes to towel racks and furniture. Taking into account the size and practicalities of this room, its accessories must be functional. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be pretty or fun! There are many accessories you can get for your bathroom to add practical function in addition to adding a stylish flair. Read on for a few of the top accessories we suggest that our Central PA neighbors get for their bathrooms!

The Top Accessories You Need In Your Bathroom

1. Mirror
The most common accessory, a mirror is a must have for any bathroom. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, so they can add a truly personal touch to the room.

2. Lighting
Whether you opt for sconces or a chandelier, light is very important in any bathroom, so choose the design carefully.

3. Shower curtain
A great way to showcase your style and taste. Choose one that blends in with the walls, or one that stands out on its own.

4. Towel ring or bar
A towel ring or rack can be classic, rustic or modern. Choose one that fits your décor or one that’s more unique to your taste.

5. Towel baskets
Towels baskets are very practical and they also give the bathroom a more inviting feel.

6. Soap dispensers
A beautiful soap and lotion dispenser adds a high-end spa touch to a bathroom

7. Apothecary jars
Pretty & practical, apothecary jars can be used for storing cotton balls or decorative items.

8. Candles
Utilitarian yet relaxing, candles can turn any room into a beautiful space. Consider placement, size, shape, color, and scent. And don’t forget nice holders to complement the decor.

Redesign Your Bathroom with Re-Bath & More

Though accessorizing your bathroom can help improve its appearance, if you’re looking for a way to make your bathroom as beautiful and functional as possible, your best bet is a total makeover. For the bathroom remodel of your dreams, call Re-Bath & More at 717-208-2482 or schedule your free in-home consultation now!