How to Keep Your Bathroom Cleaner, Longer!

Posted on: October 10,2016

It can seem like cleaning the bathroom is a never-ending chore. But there are some easy tips and tricks you can do every couple of days to keep it sparkling clean! Here are a few simple ways to keep your bathroom clean for longer periods of time.


Keep the surfaces tidy

Put away your hair dryer, toss your makeup back in the drawer, put the dirty towels in the wash, pick the clothes off the floor.

Put the cleaning tools where you see them

Keep the toilet brush handy and the wipes on the back of the toilet. And clean things up before it gets gross.

Don’t let mold get a foothold

Install and use a bathroom exhaust fan, and clean it regularly. Give the shower a quick squeegee when you’re done. Use an after-shower spray to stop mold in its tracks.

Visit your kitchen cabinets before cleaning

A variety of items in your kitchen pantry could help you clean your bathroom. For instance, you can use Kool-Aid to clean stubborn toilet rings. Its acidic base makes it a great scum fighter and ring remover. You can also de-clog your sink or shower by pouring baking soda or vinegar down the drain and flushing with hot water. And finally, you can rub stainless steel taps with a cut lemon and they will shine.

Say goodbye to wet towels.

Replace the towels in the bathroom with clean towels every few days. Avoid hanging wet towels near the toilet and clean the towel bar regularly.

Steam things up.

Once in a while, spray the ceiling, walls, countertops, and tiles with all purpose cleaner, turn on the shower with hot water for about five minutes. Let the cleaner and the steam mix for 20 minutes, then wipe down everything with clean cloth.

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