6 Easy Hacks for Keeping Your Bathroom Organized

Posted on: March 18,2016

Are your mornings a scavenger hunt for hair products and makeup? Does your shower look like the drug store shampoo aisle? It’s probably time to get your bathroom in order.

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1.) Pitch it

Before you start organizing, ditch anything inessential. Check the expiration dates on everything. Throw away expired sunscreen. Keep tabs on how long you’ve had your makeup. (There’s a hack for that, too. See below.) Each product has a different shelf life. Throw out anything that smells or looks funny or that you know is past its prime. (Many products have a “period after opening” label, a number followed by the letter M, indicating how many months the item is effective after opening.) Now is not the time to get sentimental. If you’re not using it or it’s ancient, toss it.

Makeup Hack: Put a sticker on it!  

An easy way to track how long you’ve had a product is to write the month and year when you first open it on a small sticker or a piece of masking tape and affix it to the bottom of the jar or tube.

2.) Divide and conquer

Most mornings, you need to fly in and out of the bathroom, so having everything readily available is key. Instead of rummaging around for your daily makeup, arrange everything in a small tray or bin on the counter.  Separate other cosmetics by category (lip colors, shadows, blushes, etc.) and store them in containers that fit in the drawer. But don’t neglect to organize the drawer, too! An expandable drawer organizer fits in a shallow drawer and takes the place of bulky cosmetic bags. Different size compartments will organize everything so you don’t have to root around to find what you’re looking for. Don’t forget space for elastic hair bands, bobby pins, safety pins, etc. This way, everything has a designated spot and you’ll be able to locate exactly what you need when you need it.

3.) Contain the clutter

For a small room, the bathroom plays host to a whole bunch of stuff – hair products, makeup, bath toys… It doesn’t take much for it to overwhelm the space. So, conquer the clutter before it gets to that point.

  • Store kids bath toys in a mesh bag that allows them to drain and dry when not in use. Make sure cleanup is part of the routine every time your kids bathe.
  • For shampoos, conditioners, body washes and shave gels, invest in a caddy that sticks to the shower wall or hangs from the shower faucet. If space is tight, take advantage of vertical real estate by hanging a caddy or multilevel mesh basket in a corner. When placed in the shower, the open rungs of the three-tier hanging basket allow loofahs and bath toys to dry over the tub.
  • Gels, sprays, curlers and hair dryers take up a lot of space in the bathroom. Evaluate whether you use them often. If not, get rid of them. Then buy a plastic tub for under the sink and load it up with your supplies.

4.) Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

Paradoxically, the first step is to stop storing medicine in the medicine cabinet. Move medicines into another room because the moisture in the bathroom can ruin them. Now that you have the space, make your medicine cabinet a repository of things you need and use regularly. It’s the perfect spot for everyday grooming supplies.

5.) What to show and what to stow

Daily essentials (moisturizer, brushes, cotton balls, tissues) are best stored on the counter or in the medicine cabinet where you can see them and access them easily. Stow items you use only on an “as-needed” basis in the hall closet or a cabinet.

6.) Constantly clean

Close-up of a woman cleaning a bathroom

Instead of allowing the bathroom to become a cluttered mess before you clean it, tidy up a little bit each day. This little step will save you tons of time in the long run. Keep disinfectant wipes under the counter so you can wipe down surfaces once you put everything away.

7.) Add Towel Storage

If your towel rack isn’t big enough to hang the family’s towels, add hooks to the bathroom. Towel hooks are inexpensive, easy to mount and create a space for each member of the family to hang their towel. No more fighting over whose is whose, plus your bathroom floor will remain dry, not damp.

8.) Claim the Space Over Your Toilet

Even in small bathrooms there’s space over the toilet. Over-the-toilet bath furniture is a great place to put extra toilet paper, toiletries and even towels. You can find attractive shelving at major home stores, usually for less than $100.

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