Bathroom Remodeling Infographic : Male vs. Female Preferences

Posted on: November 12,2013

Bathroom remodeling can often become a battle of the sexes. When we meet with couples for their free in-home bathroom consultation, we hear a lot of contrasting opinions about color scheme, hardware finishes, flooring, vanity types, and so much more. Even though we offer a wide range of products geared towards both masculine and feminine taste, we’ve found that  a lot of males like specific bathroom elements one way, while females like the opposite. For instance, females seem to prefer lighter color schemes, while males go for rich hues and dark surfaces throughout their bathrooms.

Take a look at the infographic below, to see what else men and women typically prefer in their bathrooms. We’re pretty confident we can help you and your family create the perfect  bathroom. Contact us today for your free design consultation.