Bathroom Trends for 2017

Posted on: December 10,2016

Though the all-white bathroom isn’t necessarily going away, it will be joined by a variety of new (or new-ish) trends.

This Year’s Bathroom Trend Report


  • Clean colors. Fewer bright & shiny tiles or surfaces. Instead matte & neutral colors like grey, beige or black & white.
  • Interesting or unusual woods. Teak, walnut, hickory, bamboo… Try a unique wood to warm up those stark white bathrooms.
  • Organic or natural materials. Clay or wood surfaces in seamless lines and simple arrangements. Nothing fussy or ornate.
  • Continuity. Use the same materials/patterns on the floors & the walls for a harmonious look.
  • Live plants. Bring life—and color—into an otherwise cold or sterile environment.
  • Smart storage. Always an issue, storage gets smarter with cabinetry with lots of built-in organization, and medicine cabinets with built-in electrical outlets.
  • Freestanding tubs. Not a new trend, but they have been enhanced with simple, sculptural designs—and no platforms.
  • The industrial look. Black steel or burnished metals add that unmistakable modern feeling.
  • Floating vanities. They give a sense of space even in small bathrooms, and can be installed at any height. Plus, they are easy to clean around.
  • Mixing materials. Mix organic materials like wood with ultra modern or synthetic materials like shiny metals or fiberglass.

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