Bathroom Vanity Tops, Stand-Alone, or Pedestal Sinks?

Posted on: October 22,2013

Looking for the right sink for your bathroom remodel? Today, there is a nearly endless amount of options and styles! Sorting through them is a lot of fun, but you may find yourself at a loss when it comes down to the final decision.

At Re-Bath & More, we aim to make the bathroom remodeling process as pain-free as possible, so we’re breaking down the benefits of various sink types with the hope that you’ll find the perfect products for your bathroom remodel.

shiny chrome faucet on modern white bathroom sink

Before all else, you want your bathroom to be a place of comfort and convenience.You’ll not only have to look at the features of your bathroom multiple times per day, you also have to use them. Luckily, you don’t have to compromise style or function.

But what happens when a bathroom vanity seems too clunky? Or maybe you just hate the cupboard-like look of a vanity, even though you desperately need the storage space. Below are advantages and questions to consider as you compare bathroom vanity tops.

Stand-Alone Sinks

With stand-alone sinks you have the option of a pedestal sink or wall-hung sinks, which are directly installed into the wall. Pedestal sinks are often selected as a solution to limited space, and corner units can be as small as 17” by 17”. With wall-hung sinks, our customers can save even more room by forgoing a sink base.

small bathroom decor rebath

The most common issue with stand-alone sinks is the lack of counter and cabinet space. When selecting your sink, consider where you’ll store your linens and other bathroom products. If you’re looking at creating a guest bathroom, or even a half-bath, a stand-alone sink may be the way to go. If you find that a stand-alone sink is the best way to save space, you might consider adding shelves above the sink or toilet for added storage.

A Re-Bath & More bathroom design consultant can help you combine the look you want with your storage and function needs.

Vanity Top Sinks

With vanity top sinks you have the ability to pair a number of different sink styles with countless types of countertops and cabinets. The options with this sink type are endless, but they also take up more space and determine the design of your bathroom. If storage is a high priority for you, then a vanity top sink is the way to go.

double sink vanity

If you decide you to go with a vanity, you’ll need to consider style options as well as whether you want a drop-in sink, an under-mount sink or a vessel sink (sits on top of the vanity). The best thing to do is sit down with a bathroom expert and discuss dimensions, then build your vanity according to the available options within your budget.

Re-Bath & More carries a number of countertop styles and brands, including:

  • Wolf natural stone. Ideal for high-use bathrooms; available in hundreds of sizes and colors.
  • Caesarstone quartz. Offered in over 40 colors and textures to offer remarkable style and endurance.
  • The Onyx Collection. Available in almost any size, color, and shape to meet your design needs.

For more help deciding on bathroom features and products, visit our Lancaster, PA showroom or contact us today.