4 Ways to Turn Bath Time Into Fun Time With Your Kids!

Posted on: February 26,2016

“But, Mooooom, I don’t want to take a bath!” 

Sound familiar?  This familiar cry shows up sometime between toddlerhood and the preschool years. The kid you once couldn’t get out of the tub now has no interest in baths. So, what can you do to get them in the water? Make bath time fun again! With a few fun ideas, your kids will not only willingly get into the tub, they’ll beg for a longer bath time!

bathtime with kids

1. Fun with letters.

When you see foam bathtub letters, you might wonder how much fun they can really be. But foam letters can mean big bath time fun if you use them right.  Foam letters aren’t just a fun thing for kids to stick on the walls of the tub. You can use them for a bit of sneaky learning right in the bathtub. (Double duty toys rock!) Just short two to four letter words. Put up ‘at’, then add the front letters like ‘c’, ‘b’, and ‘s’.

2. Plastic building blocks

Toss some blocks into the bath with your child.  Presenting an old toy in a new way creates a new interest and encourages the imaginative process. It doesn’t have to be blocks. Toss in any toys that are not normally a part of bath time to add a fun element to bath play.

3. Washable markers

markers for bathYou don’t have to buy special bath crayons or markers. You can simply toss in washable markers that you already have on hand.  Just be sure that they are washable and you are good to go!  Little ones have a blast coloring all over the walls and tub. And once bath time is over, the mess will wash right down the drain.  BONUS: On rainy days, ditch the water and set up a creative art station in the tub. It will keep the kids busy for quite a while.

4. Scult Away

Do you have a budding sculptor on your hands? Let them practice in the tub – with shaving cream!  Kids – under supervision so they don’t eat it – can use shaving cream squeezed out on the edge of the tub to ‘sculpt’ with toy flatware on toy dishes.

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