Benefits of Natural Stone for Bathroom Remodeling

Posted on: October 4,2016

Natural stone has become a premier building material in newer homes and remodels. Beyond the unique grandeur and beauty that stone can provide a décor, the benefits of natural stone can really be summed up in following words: versatility, cost-effective, sanitary, durable and eco-friendly.  Here’s why these qualities make using natural stone a great choice for your remodel.



With so many different hues, textures, shapes and sizes, natural stone is one of the most versatile materials to use in construction.  It provides flexibility to fit contemporary to traditional designs, and has the ability to add distinct character to a space, whether inside or out.  It is even proven that no two stones are alike, so the personality it adds to reflect your home cannot be remanufactured or mimicked.


The value of natural stone extends far beyond the initial investment.  Unlike hardwood or laminate, stone doesn’t need to be cleaned or maintained as regularly, while boasting impressive longevity.  It is also now more affordable than ever due to advanced technology that has made quarrying and processing quicker and more efficient, and its installation more secure.


For anyone who suffers from allergies, natural stone is also much more hygienic than carpets which attract dust and other pollutants.  For surface tops, it is safe to use around food, and being naturally water- and mold-resistant, it helps prevents damages that occur overtime in bathrooms and kitchens.


Natural stone is known for its durability.  Its connection with older buildings and monuments throughout history is demonstrated through its ability to withstand the test of time. Aesthetically, stone does not scratch, chip or fade nearly as quick or easily as other building materials.


As the environment becomes more of a factor in building decisions, you can feel confident in choosing natural stone as a green option. As a naturally occurring material, it is readily available and in no short supply.   Little energy is required, therefore lessening the impact on the environment, during sourcing, extracting or manufacturing. Lastly, stone absorbs ambient temperatures to improve energy efficiency, produces zero harmful gases to impair air quality AND can easily be recycled after use.

Add Natural Stone to Your Bathroom Design with Re-Bath & More!

For centuries, stone has been a primary building material not only because of its unique distinction and design, but its numerous construction benefits as well.  When deciding what materials to choose for your next remodel, consider natural stone for a unique splendor that will last for years to come.

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