Re-Bath & More Sponsors Bridge of Hope Gala

Posted on: April 8,2014

Re-Bath & More is proud to sponsor the annual Bridge of Hope Gala and support the organization in its goal to end and prevent homelessness for single mothers across the United States.

Annual Bridge of Hope National Gala Luncheon

Every May, Bridge of Hope National has a gala luncheon to raise funds for their work toward ending homelessness for single mothers and children across the United States. As the organization was founded in Pennsylvania, Re-Bath & More is proud to sponsor this event and promote a great national cause in our hometown of Lancaster, PA.

Bridge of Hope Gala Lancaster PA

Bridge of Hope Gala – May 9, 2014

This year’s gala is “The Allure of the Amish” and will be held Friday, May 9 from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the DoubleTree Resort in Lancaster, PA. The event will feature speeches from two female Amish authors.

To join Re-Bath & More in sponsoring this event, you can:

2012 Bridge of Hope Gala, PA

2012 Bridge of Hope Gala, Lancaster, PA


About Bridge of Hope

Based in Pennsylvania, Bridge of Hope was founded in 1989 to end and prevent homelessness for single mothers and their children. The organizations partners in three-ways—between homeless single mothers, trained church-based mentoring groups, and trained managers—to achieve its goal. This model has shown an 80 percent success rate in preventing homelessness for single mothers throughout the country.

Women who go through the partnership model benefit by attaining permanent rental housing, financial stability through employment, and a support of network of friends from a church in their community.

Learn more about the Bridge of Hope program »

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