Choosing Showerheads and Fixtures for Your Bathroom Remodel

Posted on: October 26,2015

A shower replacement is an opportunity to completely transform your shower experience! With the showerheads and fixtures on the market today, you can go from basic to bold on nearly any budget. Consider these upgrades for your bath-to-shower conversion.


Showerhead Mounting Choices

  • Wall mount – This is the standard showerhead installation. It accommodates a wide variety of showerhead styles, including rain shower, multi-spray, massage, and more.

  • Top mount – A showerhead mounted in the ceiling will provide a direct downward
    spray. This type of mount is particularly well-suited to large rain shower-style showerheads.
  • Sliding bar – This innovative mount style allows for a showerhead that can be easily slid up and down to accommodate users of different heights.

In some showers, several sprays can be installed on separate walls at different heights, providing a deluxe showering experience that brings an indulgent spa to you every day!

Faucet Style Choices

Your choice of bathroom sink faucet will depend not only on your tastes but on your family’s needs. At Re-Bath & More, we can help you choose the right faucet for families with children and households where seniors or people with limited mobility reside.

  • 4-inch centerset – This faucet style has a mount with a spout in the center and two handles or knobs on either side.
  • 8-inch widespread – This type has a spout in the center with its knobs or handles
    flanking it—but the components are not sharing the same mount.
  • Single handle – This is the type of faucet in which there is one knob or lever that you use to change temperatures. The spout may be on the side or connected to the handle on the same mount.

widespread faucet and single handle faucetWidespread faucet in polished chrome; single-handle faucet in oil-rubbed bronze.


Bathtub and Shower Faucets

  • Tub shower – This is the kind of faucet that allows you to switch the output from the showerhead to the tub spout.
  • Shower only – When you don’t need to fill a tub!

There are more ways to personalize your product selection by choosing:

  • Spout shape – Either high arc or low arc.
  • Number of handles – Either one or two handles.
  • Finish – With the Moen faucets available through Re-Bath & More, you can choose from brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, polished chrome, and more.

No-Touch Faucets

Touchless faucets are not just for commercial applications anymore! You can have one installed as part of your bathroom remodel.

no touch faucet installed in solid surface vanity and sink


Choosing Fixtures for Your Central Pennsylvania Bathroom Remodel

Re-Bath & More has a fantastic array of fixtures and other products for you to select from when you remodel your bathroom. Schedule a no-obligation consultation today!