Things to Consider Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

Posted on: November 22,2016

Whether it’s master bathroom, a guest bathroom, or a powder room, deciding to remodel any type of bathroom in your Central PA home is a big deal! Before you start planning out all the details like your tile back splashes and lighting fixtures, it’s important to keep the following considerations in mind.


Before you plan on rearranging your bathtub, sink, or shower, it’s important to think about your existing plumbing. You’ll want to consider not only where your existing pipes are, but how large your drains are, where your water lines are routed, and more. These are all important notes to make before deciding where you want your new walk-in shower or stand-alone bathtub to go!


Depending how many people use this bathroom, the amount of storage you’ll need for things like toiletries, makeup, towels, medicine, and more could vary. Consider how much space you’re going to need, whether you’ll be utilizing drawers, cabinets, or shelving.

Additionally, consider how much storage space you want not just throughout your bathroom, but in your shower itself! Will you want to install shower niches to hold your shampoos and soaps? These are important things to keep in mind as you plan out the functionality and appearance of your new bathroom.

Shower or Tub?

Some people love taking a hot bath every day. Others prefer showers. Whatever your preference, you’ll have to decide whether you want a freestanding shower, a stand-alone tub, or both—or if you’d prefer a tub-shower combination. There are benefits to all of these choices, so the decision will simply depend on your preferences and needs!


The lighting in your bathroom will depend on how you’ll be using that bathroom! If you’ll be getting ready, you may want brighter, more functional lighting that will allow you to see more clearly as you apply make-up or fix your hair. If the bathroom is for guests, a dimmer, more aesthetically appealing lighting that softens the features in the mirror may be the right choice. It’s also important to decide how bright you want it to be in the area of your tub or shower so you can install the proper lighting in those spaces, as well.


The toilet may be the most used equipment in your bathroom, and thus should be an important decision during your bathroom remodeling design process! In addition to deciding on the perfect toilet model, you’ll also have to decide where it will go in your bathroom. Remodeling projects with lower budgets will typically keep the toilet in the same place, but there are other options to ensure that you bathroom still has the desired amount of privacy. Keep this in mind as you plan your remodel!

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