Considerations for Soap Dishes & Shower Caddies in Your Bathroom Remodel

Posted on: April 14,2017

A complete bathroom remodel requires quite a number of considerations. As you make the plans to transform your bathroom into the spa-like place you’re dreaming of, make sure you don’t overlook the finishing touches. Soap dishes and shower caddies can be an important part of a whole bathroom remodel, and one that’s easy to overlook. Without these storage elements, you won’t have a place to stash the stuff you use everyday to wash and prep for your day.

Here are some considerations to make about these important components of your space when remodeling your bathroom in your Lancaster or Central PA area home.

Options for Soap Dishes

It’s easy to forget about your soap dish when planning your bathroom, only to find that you don’t have a place to put your soap while showering or washing. You’re taking the time and energy to remodel, so make sure you consider every last detail! As you consider your options for soap dishes, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Consider the location – Do you want to have these in the shower, near the vanity or somewhere else? Keep the location convenient to your bathing and washing needs.
  • Consider the color – Choose a color that blends with your design choice. If you’re not sure what color, consider silver, gold or bronze to match the hardware in the bathroom. If your bathroom’s going to be colorful, you might want something a bit more colorful to hold your soap.
  • Consider the style – Finally, consider the style. Do you want something understated, or something that makes a statement? Choose a style that works with the overall look of your newly remodeled space.

If you aren’t sure what the best option is, the design team at Re-Bath & More can help you decide!

Options for Shower Caddies

Unlike soap dishes, shower caddies are usually added after the bathroom remodel is complete, but you can consider building in storage to duplicate the effects of a shower caddy. Shelving in the shower where you can store bathing supplies can eliminate the need for a caddy altogether. If you’d rather have a caddy, consider these tips:

  • Choose one that fits the design and style of your shower head, or will hook elsewhere in the bathroom.
  • Make sure the shower caddy has enough storage space for the items you use daily.
  • Consider one with adjustable shelves to work with your changing product purchases.

If you’re opting for built-in shelving, consider these ideas:

  • Use recessed shelving for a chic, streamlined look
  • Consider corner shelving to utilize dead space in the shower
  • Add shelving that’s easy to reach while in the shower

Whether you invest in a caddy or add in shelving, you will want to have a place to store your showering supplies, so don’t overlook this important feature.

Bathroom Remodeling Experts in Central PA

Are you ready to explore the rest of your options as you tackle a complete bathroom remodel? The soap dish and shower caddy or shelving are just one part of the big picture. Contact Re-Bath & More for all of your bathroom remodeling needs in the Central Pennsylvania area, and get a free in-home remodeling consultation today!