5 Tips for Designing a Bathroom for Kids

Posted on: July 14,2015

Designing any bathroom is a difficult task. What color to paint, tiles or marble, to add the bidet or not?? Everything is a hard decision, but when you’re designing a bathroom for someone other than yourself, namely your kids, it can be near impossible! But fear not homeowner, we’re here to help with some kid-friendly tricks of the trade:

  1. Keep it Simple, Silly – You know those outrageous Disney, circus, or rubber duck themes that you are tempted to buy into for your child’s own enjoyment? Well, just as quickly as you have to change their diapers, they’ll change their minds and grow out of those designs. It’s best to skip the latest movie character fad and stick to light palettes and shapes that won’t go out of style, like blues or even white with some accent colors.
  1. Sharing is not Always Caring – If you have, or are planning to have, more than one child, a double vanity is surely your best bet! Not only will two separate sinks prevent toothpaste-spitting wars, but it will also raise the value of your home once you plan on selling.
  1. Safety is Key – No matter toddler or teenager, keeping your bathroom safe for kids of all ages is vital. From birth to bubble baths, it is wiser and more efficient to choose our DuraBathTM tubs rather than a stand-up shower. Storing step stools underneath the sinks will also prevent chin/head-to-sink accidents, as well as make reaching those out-of-arm’s length cabinets much easier.
  1. A Clean Bathroom makes a Happy Home – There is no way to prevent kids from making a mess in every room of the house, but by choosing our DuraBathTM tubs and surrounds, and sinks with integral bowls, at least you can cut back on cleanup time. The easy-to-clean surfaces make those toothpaste globs and soap scum much less of a nightmare.
  1. Even worse than cleaning – is trying to make your kids stay organized. Along with picking out the most efficient bathroom appliances, you also have to take into deep consideration the type of cabinetry you are going to have. Low-standing cabinets and drawers with soft close technology is probably your best bet to prevent damaging the cabinetry, as well as your kids’ fingers.

We hope this helps you in your bathroom renovation ventures; now go forth and prosper, we’ll leave the potty training up to you!

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