5 Products to Consider in Your Bathroom Remodel

Posted on: December 22,2014

There’s more to consider than your tub or shower when planning a full bath remodel. Here are some additional products and accessories to consider for a bathroom that’s both stylish and functional.


If you’ve chosen a beautiful new vanity, make it stand out with equally beautiful hardware. Coordinate your drawer pulls with your bathroom theme or go for a fun eclectic look or antique glass knobs.

In-Shower Storage

When you sit down to design your shower, be sure to consider how many shelves you need for shampoo, soap, razors, loofahs, etc. Do you need a place to hang a hand towel or wash cloth?  Consider a dual-purpose grab bar—capable of supporting your weight as you age and also holding towels and scrubbies for the kids.

Bathroom Accessories

Most bathroom product manufacturers have collections of accessories to match all major fixtures. First choose your fixtures—shower head, faucets etc.—and then find the coordinating accessories, like toilet paper holders, hooks, towel bars, and more. No matter what style you choose, you’ll have a cohesive design.


Mirrors are a necessity in any bathroom, especially if you have teenage daughters. When selecting mirrors, consider the bathroom’s primary purpose. If it’s a small space, the right mirror can make it feel twice the size. If it’s a space the kids use to get ready in the morning, make sure there’s enough elbow room for two people to use the mirror at once. Also be sure to consider the height of the mirror before installation. There’s nothing more annoying than a mirror that’s placed too low or too high—making getting ready impossible without stretching or slouching.


Once installed, lighting fixtures are there to stay. Consider how different lighting options will look with your overall design and how they can highlight or reflect off of different surfaces in your bathroom. You want to make sure the lighting is adequate for all of your bathroom needs, whether you’re shaving over the bathroom sink or reading a book while soaking in the tub.