Grab Hold: Bathroom Grab Bars Aren’t Just for the Elderly

Posted on: December 14,2011

Updated July 2015!

Safety concerns in the bathroom do not just affect the aging or the elderly. Individuals of any age who may need extra support or help with bathing will benefit from added safety measures in the bathtub or shower; particularly those who use wheelchairs, walkers, or canes.

Babies and young children spend more time in the bathtub than anyone else and, let’s face it, they are more active and slippery during bath time too. The simple addition of safety accessories to your existing or modified bathroom can make all the difference. Universal Design, which encompasses aging-in-place design, makes homes more comfortable for everyone!

At Re-Bath & More, we can easily and stylishly incorporate aging-in-place or safety elements into your bathroom remodel. Our president, Jon Witmer, is a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)! See Jon show several aging-in-place bathroom design options on Good Day PA:

Bathroom Safety Improvements

Grab Bars

Installing bathroom grab bars at strategic places allows for easier maneuverability in the tub, shower or other areas of the bathroom. Available in a variety of sizes, grab bars should be securely mounted to ensure they will not pull away from the wall when used.

A 24″ grab bar installed on the long wall of a tub or shower will make it easier to get up out of a bathtub or safer when standing in the shower. Smaller grab bars installed on the wall on a vertical are an excellent option if stepping over a tub rail is a concern.

No need to sacrifice design for function. Grab bars are available to match any the finish on other fixtures in your bathroom and can also double as places to hang towels inside the bath area.

Shower Chair

shower chairShower chairs add an increased measure of safety for people who can not stand alone safely or who tire easily. Shower chairs are available in a variety of styles and can be adjusted to suit an individual’s needs.

Available with or without arm rests and back supports, shower chairs come in a variety of sizes and costs are often covered by medical insurance with a doctor’s prescription. Most chairs can be adjusted to various heights, making it possible for more than one person in a household to use the same chair.

For those who can not step into a bath tub without help, transfer shower chairs are an excellent option.

Transfer Bench

transfer benchShower chairs are placed directly inside a tub or shower with all legs firmly on the tub/shower base. Transfer chairs straddle a tub rail so that an individual can sit down outside of the tub and then transfer their legs and body onto the chair safely.

Hand-Held Showers

For an individual who needs to be seated during bathing, the addition of a hand-held shower is essential.

Available with longer hoses and a flow control option on the shower head, a hand-held shower allows for more independence and control.

hand-held shower headHand-held showers can be added to an existing shower head with the addition of a diverter to allow use of either one. Mounted on a slide bar, hand-held showers can be used as a stationary shower head or removed and used while seated. Various jet options are available on most shower heads and come in any trim finish to match other accessories in the bathroom.

Walk-in Bathtubs

A walk-in bathtub means no more stepping over the tub wall. These tubs feature secure swinging doors, multiple grab bars, slip-resistant flooring, comfortable seating, and much more. Watch the video below for more details on the ease and safety features of walk-in bathtubs.


Increasing Bathroom Safety for All Ages

From the youngest person to the most elderly person, safety in a bath can mean an enjoyable and stress-free experience. With the addition of small and inexpensive accessories your bathroom can become accessible to anyone.

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