A Comprehensive Guide to Keeping Your Bathroom Clean

Posted on: August 10,2016

The bathroom is one of the most utilized rooms in the home, but it’s also everyone’s least favorite place to clean. Unfortunately, the more you use something, the more cleaning it needs. So we’ve come up with a strategy guide to keeping your bathroom clean. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of a fresher bathroom without having to clean it more often.

Stop Moisture Before It Starts

transform-bathroom-bannerTake preventative action by simply opening a window or turning on a fan before you jump in the shower. The flow of air will help dry up moisture more quickly, and decrease the chance of mildew growth. Even simply leaving the door cracked open or allowing light in from the window can do the trick. Another option is leaving a small towel or squeegee in the shower and encouraging family members to do a quick wipe down when they’re finished. A little extra effort now, means a lot less to clean later.

Use Water Repellent on Your Surfaces

Another great way to prevent moisture build up is by coating your walls, windows and other surfaces with water repellent sprays like Rain-X, NeverWet or EnduroShield. By preventing water and grime from sticking as it hits the surface, there will be less to scrub later.

Keep Things Stored Away

Maybe it’s not just the dirt and grime making your bathroom a mess, but the clutter of your everyday “stuff”. Having surfaces covered in hairbrushes, multiple toothbrushes and messy makeup will just make your bathroom seem less sanitary. Use your cabinets and storage space as much as possible and put things away when you’re not using them.

Keep Cleaning Solutions Nearby

If you have specific bathroom cleaners and tools, you should keep them where you use them! This strategy will stop you from delaying the inevitable and ignoring mess or potential grime until it gets worse. This includes toilet brushes, flushable wipes and bleach products that can easily be stashed out of sight, but still convenient for you.

Choose a Less Messy Soap

Whether you love the old fashioned bar soap or not, it’s a sure-fire way to add a grimy soap dish to your bathroom décor. Replace it with liquid soap and an easy-to-use pump to eliminate that extra mess.

Give Your Towels a Nice Place to Hang

Used towels don’t scream clean bathroom, especially if left sloppily in plain sight. Hang them across the towel bar for a neater look, as well as a quicker dry time. If you don’t have the wall space or racks available, look for hangers or hooks that you can add to the back of your bathroom door.

Pay Attention to Your Shower Liners

You have them for a reason! Most liner materials can typically be thrown in the wash with some warm water and a mild detergent. If not, spray some bleach on the liner, especially towards the bottom, and let the shower rinse it off before you use it.  People tend to forget that just like anything else in the bathroom, shower liners need to be cleaned to prevent trapping extra grime in your tub. And don’t forget the liner’s main purpose. Make sure when you’re getting ready to turn on the water the liner is inside the tub to eliminate run-off onto the floor and into tile grout or floor mats. This will help prevent mildew growth in your bathroom.

As long as you follow these easy tips in your strategy guide for keeping your bathroom clean, you’ll spend a lot less time scrubbing grime, and a lot more time enjoying a clean bathroom.

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