Creating a High Style Bathroom on a Rock Bottom Budget

Posted on: March 1,2017

When you decide to renovate your bathroom, and you begin to look at different styles, it may appear that every gleaming new space costs a small fortune. But, as with most things, looks can be deceiving.

There are plenty of ways to get an expensive looking bathroom without going broke. You just need to know a trick or two…

  • The cabinets. Just like kitchen cabinets, it’s always cheaper to stick with stock. There are plenty of styles & sizes to choose from, so you can get a custom look for a stock cabinet price.
  • The counters. Granite & marble counters may be au courant, but they’re also pricey. Cultures marble is a great alternative. It’s cheaper, and comes in a huge array of styles, colors and sizes.
  • The hardware. Faucets & fixtures can be ridiculously expensive. If you find something you like, but it’s too precious, just fake it. Look at the elements of what you like – the design, the finish – then look for cheaper models that have some of the same elements.
  • The lights. One of the easiest things to fake is lighting. It’s not hard to get a high-class look with affordable fixtures. There are scads of sconces, pendants & chandeliers that will brighten your space without breaking the bank. Scout around the home store or even flea markets and antique shops.
  • The bling. Don’t spend big bucks on knobs & pulls. They’re basically costume jewelry. And much like costume jewelry, no one’s really going to know how much they cost. So go cheap. There’re plenty of styles to choose from, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find something that looks pricey, but isn’t.
  • More bling. Mirrors are great way to add light and sparkle. They can also be steeply priced. Start scanning the catalogs, prowling the internet, and hitting up the local flea markets and secondhand shops. With a little TLC, even a recycled mirror will gleam like new.

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