Items Make or Break your Bathroom Design

Posted on: November 19,2013

When jumping into a bathroom remodel, many focus on the big picture—wall color, flooring, bathroom vanities, showers, etc.

We know the big picture is important, but the picture is incomplete without the details. Here are a few other smaller elements that really tie a bathroom together. Don’t forget to pay attention to these simple things at the beginning of your bathroom design and remodel.


Oftentimes we get a homeowner telling us they don’t mind the look of their vanity but they really hate their existing faucet. We’ve found that the faucet is a bigger player in the design process than most homeowners think. Because you’re washing your hands nearly every time you’re using the bathroom (at least we hope so!), the faucet becomes a centerpiece of the room.

At Re-Bath & More, we stock assorted styles and finishes for every bathroom design so that you can always find a faucet you like. There’s no need to settle for a generic or unattractive faucet.

As you select your vanity and design scheme, be sure to consider all your faucet options, and how they’ll integrate with larger items like the bathroom vanity, sink, and color scheme.


Like faucets, hardware plays a large role in the design process. Your hardware (cabinet pulls, towel racks, etc.) delivers character to multiple surfaces across the bathroom. Cabinets and vanities with plain white knobs will offer a totally different impression than more ornate, bronze knobs. Take time to think about how your hardware integrates into the larger design of the room.


Though your mirror plays a functional role in the bathroom, it can also function like a piece of art. Think about what shapes, finishes, and frames will help your bathroom mirror stand out.

Placement is also key with the bathroom mirror, especially if you have a limited number of windows in the space. When you select the placement of your sink and vanity, consider where your mirror will reflect the most amount of natural light.

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