Think You Can’t Afford Natural Stone in Your Bath? Think Again!

Posted on: December 29,2015

You’ve seen those photos of luxury bathrooms with Carrara marble walls, but you never imagined being able to have them in your own bathroom. Well, imagine away! With ReBath’s DuraBath™ Natural Stone products, you can choose from a variety of completely natural, solid stone panels harvested straight from 3,000-year-old rock quarries across the globe.

DuraBath™ Natural Stone is solid stone cut into large panels. Our collection features classic colors and textures that will add true distinction to your bathroom. These natural stone panels have the same surface as high-end travertine, marble, granite, limestone, and cultured stone, and are far superior to tile, which can break or chip and get distorted by grout lines. And the look is totally unique since no two pieces are alike.

Using Natural Stone in Your Pennsylvania Bathroom

This product is naturally mold- and mildew- resistant and never chemically-treated, which ensures simple cleaning and very little maintenance. Each panel is 100% sealed and waterproof. Plus, each thin stone panel is reinforced with an alloy backer, making it 800% stronger than traditional 3cm stone. While extremely durable and resilient, it is 85% lighter than its stone competitors, thus reducing transportation and installation costs. The result? A high-end luxury look at an affordable price.

The exclusive DuraBath™ Natural Stone line is offered in six luxurious colors:

ReBath natural stone colors

Silver Vein Cut A dark and dramatic choice
Ivory Vein Cut A subtle beauty of fine travertine
Walnut Vein Cut An elegant shade suggesting enduring luxury
French Mocha A hue with beauty and visual interest
Classic Carrara A look that truly never goes out of style
Light Emperador A striking crystalline appearance

DuraBath™ Natural Stone is easy to cut and customize to create the bathroom of your dreams. Mosaic tile can be inlayed, and the stone panels can be mounted from the floor to ceiling for an in the round look of luxury. Benches and footrests can be added for ease and comfort.

Why Choose Natural Stone?

The reasons to choose natural stone for your bathroom remodel are innumerable, but here are just a few of the reasons that your neighbors embrace it:

  • Full panels are a dramatic yet low-maintenance alternative to traditional tile
  • Solid stone won’t fade or discolor
  • Large-scale, groutless panels are easy to clean and maintain
  • Naturally mold and mildew resistant
  • Not chemically treated
  • 100% waterproof and 800% stronger than traditional slabs
  • Available in six unique colors to reflect your individuality
  • Customizable to include your favorite mosaic tile inlay
  • Timeless luxury at an affordable price

rebath shower example

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