There’s more to picking a shower door than meets the eye!

Posted on: May 16,2016

As you ponder the benefits of a bathroom remodel by Re-Bath & More, a debate may arise – shower curtain vs shower door?  A shower curtain lends a softening effect as well as color and pattern to your shower or shower/tub.  Shower doors come in clear, translucent, patterned, or opaque glass panels. They are easier to clean than curtains, admit light into the enclosure, and can make the room appear more spacious.

bathroom shower door

There are a number of door styles

  • Framed vs. frameless. Shower doors can come with a frame or without. Frames support thinner glass panels, and are generally made from metal. Frameless versions are easier to clean, and they eliminate visual interruptions.
  • Hinged. Hinges allow a door to swing open like a standard door.
  • Sliding (or bypass). When there isn’t space for a shower door to swing out into the room, consider a pair of glass panels that slide past one another on a track, allowing them to open from either direction.
  • Steam. Floor-to-ceiling glass panels help hold steam inside the shower enclosure. Some enclosures feature an operable transom above the door to vent steam when desired.

And then there’s the glass

  • All glass shower doors and enclosures are made from tempered glass, which is stronger than standard glass and, if broken, shatters into small, rounded bits. The minimum thickness for a frameless shower door is 1/4 inches, with ½ or ¾ inch considered a sturdier option.
  • Glass may be clear, etched, patterned with a design, seeded or textured for interest, or frosted or opaque for privacy.
  • Acrylic panels are another option. While less expensive and lighter weight, these can scratch more easily and require cleaners formulated to avoid discoloration or fogging.

Don’t forget the finishes

There are a variety of suitable styles and finishes for frames and hardware.

  • Polished or matte nickel
  • Chrome
  • Oiled bronze

Choose finishes that match or complement the faucets and other hardware in your bathroom.

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