Aging-in-Place FAQs: What’s the point of grab bars and handles?

Posted on: April 7,2017

The bathroom can be a dangerous place as we get older. The risk of slips and falls increases with age, presenting the possibility of broken bones, head injuries or other health concerns. A safe and easy-to-use bathroom is critical for aging homeowners who wish to remain independent for as long as possible.


Re-Bath & More is a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist for the central Pennsylvania area, providing bathroom renovations that can make your bathroom easier and safer to maneuver.

At Re-Bath & More, we can install features such as grab bars to make daily tasks like bathing and using the bathroom easier. Grab bars are usually installed near toilets and showering areas to prevent falls and provide leverage when using the bathroom and showering.

And with the advances in universal design, an aging-in-place bathroom doesn’t have to look like a hospital. Today’s grab bars (or shower rails) are more attractive than their older iterations, with a variety of finishes and styles that match any bathroom décor. The fixtures are more stylish – sleek and streamlined – just like regular bathroom accessories.

In a similar vein, installing easy-to-grip door handles and drawer pulls also helps prevent unnecessary reaching or bending, as do level-handle faucets. These kind of changes help increase functionality for someone with arthritis or other physical limitations.

If you’re interested in adding Aging-in-Place features such as grab bars, walk-in bathtubs, or low threshold showers to your bathroom, call us today at 717-208-2482 or contact us online to learn more.