Bathroom Remodel: Harrisburg, PA

Posted on: November 25,2013

Today we’re sharing a small bathroom remodel project we completed for a family in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. This Harrisburg family came to Re-Bath & More primarily because they were in need of a larger bathtub. Their existing tub was a unique size, measuring 48” X 48” with only a 12” deep triangular basin. The bathroom was being used by small children, even they were growing too fast for this tiny bathtub.

After an in-home design consultation, Re-Bath & More helped this Harrisburg family draw up a plan to open up the room and accommodate a bigger tub. We also helped them select new fixtures and products to update the design of their bathroom.

In order to fit in a larger tub, we had to expand the bathroom somehow. We were able to enlarge the tub area into a shelving area by utilizing the depth of an adjacent room’s closet. Other updates included adding Durabath Cape-Cod Wainscoting, eliminated the blue mud-set tile that covered their bathroom walls. You’ll notice that we replaced the vanity, giving them a nice soft wood finish with brushed chrome knobs, and we also updated their toilet and flooring.

The bathroom transformation was a hit with the whole family, and the children were excited to have a full-sized bathtub in place of the small, pink tub they’d been using before.

If you are in need of a bathroom remodel, contact us today for your in-home consultation. We’d love to help!