Holiday Bathroom Décor Ideas

Posted on: November 21,2013

A few weeks ago we talked about prepping your bathroom for guests to visit. With the holidays fast approaching, why not take an extra step and add some tasteful holiday decorations to brighten their stay? Won’t your mother-in-law be impressed with how festive you are when she sees that you even added some holiday décor to the bathroom?

Here are five easy holiday touches to add to your bathroom.

1. Hang a Christmas Wreath

A fresh pine wreath is inexpensive and easy to hang. Look for an empty spot, perhaps over your toilet, or if you don’t want another hole in your wall, hang the wreath on an existing hanging device, temporarily replacing a current work of art.

2. Add Festive Towels to Your Bathroom

You can find inexpensive holiday towels at your local department or superstore. However, you may already have colored towels that you can coordinate as holiday décor. Grab those green and red towels and hang them next to each other for easy holiday decorating.

3. Place Fresh Pine Boughs in a Mercury Glass Vase

Mercury glass is very trendy right now, and it looks extra festive with come clipped pine branches. Not only will this add a classy, holiday touch to the bathroom, it also smells great.

4. Purchase Holiday Soap

Every November, my mother rushes to the local beauty store to purchase their seasonal peppermint hand soap. When visitors come over for Christmas parties, guests always comment on how great the soap smells. Seasonal soaps and lotions can be found at most beauty and soap stores, and the best part about something like soap, is that once the holidays pass, you can still use the product.

5. Add a Peppermint Candy DIsh

I know that you’re probably thinking that the bathroom is a dangerous place to have a candy dish. You’re right, but what about placing some wrapped peppermint candies on the counter for guests? Most visitors would love a breath freshener, and peppermint candies are the quintessential holiday treat.

For more bathroom holiday design and décor ideas, visit our Pinterest page.