Re-Bath® Shower Bases Reduce the Risk of Injuries in the Bathroom

Posted on: October 30,2013

Did you know that injuries in the bathroom are responsible for hundreds of hospital visits every year? You may think that shower related injuries are only common in the elderly, but studies show that children from the ages of 10 to 15 are the most at risk for these types of accidents.

Re-Bath & More wants you to be safe and comfortable in your bathroom, that’s why we suggest installing a shower base that promotes safety. Re-Bath shower bases are made of slip-resistant materials and are textured to ensure steady footing even when wet. Re-Bath & more also offers DuraBath SSP® shower bases with a low threshold. Low threshold shower bases make transitions from the bathroom to the shower safe and easy.

See a bathroom we recently remodeled with a zero threshold shower base »

In conjunction with a slip-resistant shower base, Re-Bath® offers many other features to lower your risk of injury in the bathroom. Installing a grab bar in your shower takes no time at all. It can serve as a handrail and a convenient place to hang your shower items. Its’ dual purpose makes it the perfect feature to save you and your things from falling.

Adding a shower seat offers even more safety and convenience. While these seats are especially helpful for elderly persons, or others with physical ailments we’ve also found that they serve to steady all shower users while doing things like shaving legs, or washing.

At Re-Bath & More, we want to make sure you don’t have to compromise style for safety. We carry any color and design you can dream of for your bathroom remodel. All of our accessories are built to match the style of your shower.

If you want the style and safety of Re-Bath & More shower bases and accessories visit our showroom or contact us today.