5 Reasons to Install a Walk-In Shower

Posted on: September 23,2016

Keeping it traditional isn’t always the best idea when planning your home décor. But in the case of walk-in showers, the modern aesthetics are just one of many benefits to choosing one for your bathroom. Walk-in showers have made their way into more and more contemporary bathroom designs, so maybe it’s time for you to consider installing one in yours!

Why You Should Install a Walk-In Shower

Roll In Shower

They Look Designer

High-end, modern style is often associated with minimalism and simplicity.  The walk-in shower encompasses just that; helping your bathroom make a statement through a design that simply does what it’s meant to.  Clean, elegant lines incorporated into the shapes, styles, textures and tiles of your choosing create an attractive design that flows nicely into any layout.

They’re Easier to Clean

With so few fixtures, there’s a lot less to clean than in traditional showers.  The showerheads feature less curves for water to get trapped, while there are less corners and crevices for grime to build up.  Most glass panels are made of toughened glass, which can easily be cleaned with a simple wipe down.

They Save Space

Not only will many elements of the walk-in design create the illusion of space, but the removal of a bulky tub will literally create it as well.  The simplicity and cohesiveness of a walk-in shower eliminates having to account for the additional floor space needed for shower doors or high trays.   And without any fixed shapes or required sizes, you can make the most of awkward layouts and tight spaces.

They’re Accessible

The practicality of walk-in showers provides another advantage to all types of residents.  Those with limited mobility, such as seniors or young children, benefit from the step-free, door-less design.  The added space also provides the flexibility to include more than one child or give taller users more legroom without bumping into corners or edges.

They Provide Added Value

Most buyers find the physical appearance of a walk-in shower to be more attractive than traditional showers, which is often a game-changer when it’s time to sell. They provide a designer look without the designer price tag, no matter what your bathroom style. In addition, a visible tray will eliminate the need for extensive waterproofing around the floor, keeping construction costs down.

Install a Walk-In Shower in Your Central PA Home with Re-Bath & More

Walk-in showers are a great way to add value, flexibility and style to your bathroom. As they become a more prominent design trend, making the switch in your home could give you the lavish, luxury bathroom you want that fits with the space you already have. If you’re looking to upgrade your shower or redesign your bathroom, contact Re-Bath today for all your remodeling needs!