Rebath & More Experts Save Lancaster Family’s Bathroom From Previous Contractor’s Slip-up!

Posted on: October 30,2015

Rob & Kim and their children had just moved into their beautiful new Lancaster County home.  They wanted to replace their master bathroom shower, so they called in a general contractor from Berks County who had done some work for them in their previous home. The contractor said he had some experience with shower replacements, and they felt fairly confident he would do a fine job for them.

02 - Plumbing Wall BottomA few weeks later, the project began. But within moments of the start of the first day, it became quickly apparent that the contractor was not experienced at replacing a shower.  He had shown up with 1-piece fiberglass system that would not even fit up their stairway, let alone turn corners to navigate into the bathroom.

In an effort to keep the job on track, the contractor ran out to a big-box store and picked up a fiberglass shower kit.  While he was able to get it into the bathroom this time, it was still not the right size!  It was almost two inches too small!  The contractor chose to “make it work” by filling in the gaps with a more than generous amount of grout. He also added a door that was an inch too tall. The project was “finished” by week’s end, but not to Rob & Kims’ satisfaction.

Two months later, the tub in their children’s bathroom began leaking and was in need of replacement.  This time Rob & Kim were not messing around – they wanted the job done right!  After a design consultation with one of our bathroom experts, they choose to work with Re-Bath! Everything went as planned, stayed on budget, was completed in two days, and looks beautiful!

IMG_3955Ironically, almost two years to the day after their first Re-Bath experience, Kim & Rob met with their Re-Bath design consultant for a second time.  To no one’s surprise, that incorrectly sized and installed fiberglass shower kit in the master bathroom was now leaking down into the first floor ceiling. It was unusable and needed to be replaced.  Thousands of dollars down the drain in just two years!

The good news is that while Rob & Kims’ experience with an under-qualified contractor and a fiberglass shower kit proved to be a disaster, you don’t have to have that experience.  They shared their story so that others won’t make the same mistake.  Their advice: Go right to the experts at Re-Bath!