Thinking About Redoing Your Bathroom Before the Holidays?

Posted on: September 15,2015

The holidays are right around the corner. Which means you want your home to be warm and welcoming. Which means it’s time to start thinking about all the things on your To-Do list. Somewhere on that list is the bathroom. Most of the time it’s just a coat of paint or a new mirror. But sometimes it’s the whole enchilada – remodeling the bathroom or even adding a new bathroom.

If you’re thinking of having the bathroom remodeled before the holidays, now is the time to come see us at Re-Bath & More. The more time we have on this end for planning and scheduling, the smoother things will go at the other end. And before you come see us, consider how you want to remodel or renovate your bathroom.

  • Do you want to enlarge the size of your bathroom or simply enhance your bathroom with new upgrades, such as tile floors, a new shower, showerhead, lighting, storage, or a new vanity and countertops?
  • Are you considering a bathroom redesign or new bathroom addition? Will a new bathroom add value to your home?
  • Should you add a half-bath, a full bath or a master suite bath?
  • Does your house have a shower and a tub? If you decide to resell your home, you’ll want to have both. Families with small children want a tub for bath time, but older folks prefer a shower for safety.

white and gray bathroom with pedestal sinkWhen you are doing the planning and scheduling for your new bath remember:

  • Be honest with the contractor about your schedule. If you’re hosting guests for Thanksgiving, we need to know so we don’t schedule work during that time.
  • Be organized. Our team has this down to a science, but it’s always helpful if the homeowner keeps the site and the paperwork organized too.
  • Be flexible and reasonable. At Re-Bath, we do everything we can to keep your job moving in a timely fashion, but sometimes the unexpected happens. A little flexibility and understanding go a long way.

Are you ready to renovate your bathroom? Call us today so we can get the process going!

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