Replace Old Bathroom Tile with ForzaStone® Stone Panels

Posted on: September 18,2013

Forzastone-RebathandmoreToday we’re blogging about a recent Re-Bath & More product, ForzaStone® stone paneling. We have many customers who want to replace worn-out or crumbling shower tile. But tile can be expensive, which often limits bathroom redesign options. At Re-Bath & More we have the ideal solution for customers looking for an economical way to update shower or bathroom paneling.

ForzaStone® panels are manufactured by combining natural stone with engineered composite. This combination fuses the natural appeal of stone with the strength of composite materials. Now, our customers can have durability without compromising design.

forzastone--rebathandmoreForzaStone® is made with real stone, making each piece unique and providing choices like Italian and Spanish marbles or Turkish travertine. Our customers love ForzaStone® because they don’t have to give up the look of real stone, but they also aren’t paying high prices to install heavy stone tiles in their Re-Bath bathroom.

Additionally, all panels are groutless and waterproof, meaning you don’t have to deal with messy installation or ongoing grout maintenance. These groutless panels weight less than most stone tiles, making installation easier and less expensive. And no grout means easier cleaning for the bathroom owner, which is a big plus for many of our clients.

If you’re considering a bathroom transformation, come see ForzaStone® installed in a bathroom at Lancaster showroom (245 Centerville Road, Suite 4, Lancaster, PA 17603), or contact us today for more information.