How often should you replace some of these common bathroom items?

Posted on: December 6,2015

These are those items that we use every day, but pay little attention to. Until they break or fray, or get really gross and disgusting.  So here are some tips on how long some of your bathroom accessories really last.

Bathroom Items that Need Replacing

Shower Curtain / Liner

Usually you don’t need to replace the shower curtain or liner as long as it’s not torn, and laundering it results in a clean item free of build-up.

Towels / Washcloths

If you shower every day, your towels probably get a good workout. But after frequent encounters with the washer and the dryer, they might be looking a little sad. There’s about a two-year limit on towels, but if you rotate them, they might last a little longer.

Bath Mat

This small piece of fabric probably gets even more wear and tear than your towels. There’s probably a two-year time limit on a bath mat.


If your bristles show any sign of splaying, it’s time to shop for a new toothbrush or brush head. Toothbrushes should be replaced every three to six months. Especially because the longer you let your toothbrush sit around, the more bacteria and viruses make their home on it.


Makeup Brushes & Cosmetics

Wash brushes and applicators every two to three weeks using mild soap and conditioner and they should last up to two years.

Mascara should be replaced every three months, especially if you wear contact lenses. Everything else should probably be tossed after two years.

Bath Sponge / Loofah

Whether it’s a synthetic mesh bath pouf, a loofah, or something else, regularly changing out your used bath sponge can keep bacteria and mold at bay. Dermatologists recommend throwing out a loofah after three to four weeks, since it easily grows bacteria, and by that time will have lost some of its exfoliating properties. Toss a mesh bath pouf, which is more resistant to bacteria, after eight weeks.



How often should you switch out your bathroom accessories? It depends. Generally, you’ll know when it’s time to change the decorations. Maybe the styles have changed and things look outdated. Or maybe you are tired of a particular color. Or maybe the function of the room has changed.

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