A Shower to Walk-in Tub Conversion Can Change Your Daily Life for the Better!

Posted on: September 29,2015

Recently, Re-Bath & More got a call from Jane Holtry asking for our help with an issue in the main bathroom of her home.  Jane lives with her sister, Saundra, who was having a very difficult time getting in and out of the bathtub. Not only was it difficult, but it was also very dangerous for her to step over the existing tub rail.

photo of inaccessible bathtub before bathroom remodel

The Holtry bathroom before remodeling.


An initial appointment was made with Jane, Saundra, and their nephew, Tom White, to speak with Steve Fikkert, one of our sales associates/designers.  During this meeting, Steve tried to determine the best way to solve the problem at hand. From the information gathered, Steve decided that the Re-Bath Walk-in-Tub would be the best fit.

bathroom remodel after photo with new walk-in tub and grab bars

The Holtry bathroom after we installed the walk-in tub with grab bars.


But before moving forward with the project, Steve felt that it was very important for Jane and Saundra to know what to expect from a Walk-in-Tub, so he recommended a visit to the Re-Bath & More Lancaster showroom. This hands-on visit gave Jane and Saundra the opportunity to experience getting in and out of the Walk-in-Tub, to see how easy and safe it was.  They saw for themselves how strategically placed assist bars and the specially designed Walk-in-Tub would offer them a safer outcome. After their visit, they had the confidence they needed to decide that this was the right solution for them.

holtry bathroom after rebath remodel with walk-in tub

Another after shot of the new, accessible, and safe walk-in bathtub from Re-Bath.


Now that the project is complete, Saundra and Jane love their new tub. And we find that not only did we help make their bathroom safer, our professionalism, experience and dedication far exceeded their expectations.

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