Best Showerhead for Your Bathroom Remodel

Posted on: March 21,2017

Finding just the right showerhead for you has become more complicated lately…but that’s a good thing. It means you have more choices for your home now than ever before. Bathroom designers and product engineers have been getting more creative lately and working to make taking a shower a truly unique experience.

Just by choosing a particular showerhead, Central PA homeowners can enjoy a customized shower with the feel of natural rainwater from the great outdoors. For a different experience, choose a shower with adjustable, massaging (spa-style) wall-mounted jets, sending water toward you from all angles. Getting clean has never been more elegant, comfortable and, well, fun!

Showerhead Options and Advice

Whether you’d like to bring nature into your Harrisburg area home or enjoy a spa shower experience every day, we have showerhead solutions to get your imagination going.

Practical Considerations About Showerheads

  • When choosing your showerhead, enlist a bath remodeling pro to ensure you select a showerhead that functions properly with the design of your enclosure. You don’t want an outsized or multi-directional showerhead, for example, if it’s going to send water splashing outside the shower area. You would need to change the size or shape of the shower enclosure, or the showerhead, so they’re compatible (and usually the showerhead is the easier of those two to change).
  • Make sure your plumbing will accommodate your new showerhead design. In some cases, your shower may need re-piping, an additional or larger water heater, or split water line to provide sufficient water pressure for complex, multiple showerhead designs or rainfall types that require higher water pressure. Make sure to factor in the retrofitting expense to be sure your selection is worthwhile.
  • Higher gallon-per-minute shower panels may increase your home’s hot water usage, so consider the extra utility costs, any concerns about conserving water and your feelings about low-flow effectiveness.
  • Aerating showerheads create more of a spray, rather than a waterfall, by mixing air and water. Aerating models are ideal for low-flow showers, since spray action beefs up perceived water pressure while you save on your water bill. If you don’t like mist or steam in your shower, you might want to avoid the aerating option.

Which Showerhead Suits Your Needs?

  • If you’re looking for an economical option and enjoy a standard shower experience, or want something basic for a guest bathroom, go with the perfectly fine, conventional, fixed showerhead.
  • If heights differ in your household, consider a sliding bar showerhead. You can easily pull the showerhead up or down on the wall to provide the best shower coverage for you.
  • If you like singing in the rain and in the shower, select a rain showerhead.
  • If you have a touch of arthritis or mobility issues–or you just like to be able to rinse every body area easily, choose a handheld showerhead with a flexible hose.
  • If you’re tall and/or your shower ceiling is not, think about installing top-mounted showerhead(s) to conserve space.
  • If you’re interested in a spa experience when you shower, consider wall-mounted shower panels. You’ll be surrounded by a water massage coming from all angles.
  • If you want to wow visitors, guests and family with your unique shower look and configuration–and enjoy a personalized shower experience, consider a luxury or custom showerhead design. Examples include a rainfall head covering the entire shower ceiling, uniquely arranged multiple heads, digital water temperature and intensity controls, and more.
  • Another bright idea to consider is an LED-lighted showerhead, which adds energy-efficient mood lighting to your shower experience.

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