How to Start Your Small Bathroom Remodel

Posted on: October 1,2013

Your small bathroom is likely one of the tiniest rooms in your home, but if it’s your primary bathroom it may be one of the rooms you utilize the most.

small bathroom decor rebathAs you approach your bathroom remodel, we feel it’s important to make sure the new space is both functional and designed to meet your likes.

Here’s a short checklist of small bathroom remodeling tips to help you through the beginning stages of your small bathroom remodel from the Central PA remodeling experts at Re-Bath & More.

Design Scheme

Before you do anything with your bathroom remodel, you need to nail down your design scheme. What a lot of people don’t realize is that this process should be done right at the beginning to avoid future issues.

Regardless of whether your project is large- or small-scale, consider the layout of your space, and all the design elements you want to incorporate. This will make your job, the contractor’s job, and the designer’s job a lot easier as you progress through your remodel.

At Re-Bath & More, we send in our team of designers and bathroom experts to look at your space before any plans are drawn up. We start with the basics, like knowing not just where your shower, or bathroom vanity will go, but also knowing the right style of tile or paint is extremely important.

Bathtub Vanity & Storage Space

Next you’ll want to select individual elements for your bathroom. Pick a tub model that both fits the dimensions of your small bathroom, and matches well with your tile and paint.

For our customers, the easiest way to do this is often by coming to our Lancaster showroom to explore showers, tubs, faucets and more.

Are you adding any furniture to the room? Perhaps you need a new bathroom vanity? Select all these elements early on.

Execution & Bathroom Decoration

As your contractors or installers bring all your planned elements together, begin selecting the smaller details like linens and countertop accessories.

At Re-Bath & More, we want to help anyone doing a bathroom remodel have an enjoyable and painless experience. If we can help, please let us know or call us to schedule your free initial design consultation!