Team Member Spotlight: Production Manager, KC Fleming

Posted on: October 19,2016

While Re-Bath & More bathrooms can speak volumes on their own, we also have a dynamic team that makes our gorgeous products and expert craftsmanship really sing. One of those team members is Production Manager, KC Fleming, who keeps the whole process humming along from start to finish.


How long have you worked for Re-Bath & More?

I have worked for Re-Bath & More for four years now. I came on as an installer in October 2012, and was promoted to my current position of Production Manager in February 2014.

How do you approach your job as production manager?

As the Production Manager, I try to focus on both our customers and our team members throughout the whole installation process. In addition to making sure we meet our installation goals for the month, I try to help provide a great working environment for our team, which translates to an enjoyable experience for our customers.

Why should someone choose Re-Bath & More for their bathroom remodel?

Anyone looking for a bathroom remodel in the Central Pennsylvania area should choose to work with us because of the quality of the experience as well as the customer service we provide. Our core focus is pursuing an exceptional customer experience. We strive to keep our customers up to date and informed, from the time they choose to work with us through the installation of their bathroom project, through subsequent follow-up communications. Making the experience enjoyable, the expertise of our team, and the quality of products that we offer, all serve to make Re-Bath & More a great organization to choose for a bathroom remodeling project.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

I enjoy most my daily interactions with all of the folks here at Re-Bath & More—my installation team, our sales/design team, and the leadership team. Those interactions, and the relationships that I have built over the years, are what really makes this a great place to work for me. There is a personal connection throughout the organization, and we build on that through team building activities and outings.

Ask me about…

My love for problem solving. As stressful as it may be when I am presented with a setback, I love being able to stare at a problem directly. I formulate a plan, and come up with a solution, taking the opportunity to learn more about myself and the situation at hand in the process. I believe that each challenge I have faced, large or small, is what makes me the successful father/husband/coworker/manager that I am today.

What do you do on a day off?

I spend my time away from work with my wife, our two-year old son, four-month old daughter, and two dogs. Splitting our time between adventures of all shapes and sizes, and continuously remodeling our home, I enjoy immensely the time I get to spend with my wife and kids. There is nothing like viewing the world through my son’s eyes and enjoying every small bit of life.

What’s your greatest achievement?

The ability to provide a good life for my wife and kids by working in an organization that continually grows and provides a great work environment, in a culture that allows everyone else to do the same.