The Ultimate Bathroom Checklist for College Students

Posted on: August 24,2016

shower caddyBathroom sophistication has come a long way since back in your college days where sharing a communal bathroom was just part of the norm. Unfortunately, it’s now your college student’s turn to experience the joy of using a dorm bathroom. Even if they’re lucky enough to have a private bathroom, some items are a must-have to get clean and stay organized.

Here are some of those items you may not have thought of on a bathroom checklist for your college student.

Bathroom Items Every College Student Will Need

Bathrobe: What used to be a luxury for them at home is now an essential during those public strolls down the hallway to the bathroom. It’s easier to throw on and stay covered while their hands are occupied with other bathroom supplies.

Shower Caddy: Speaking of these supplies, they’ll need something to keep everything together and make transportation easy. A shower caddy will help prevent any fumbling around the dirty shower floor for shampoos and soaps, while keeping their belongings from getting lost or stolen. Grab a waterproof one or something that will dry quickly to prevent mess.

Disposable Sponges: Instead of loofahs that are a hub for bacteria buildup over time, try a disposable sponge. Even though not totally necessary, sponges are a great way to fully lather up without wasting extra soap. The less soap used per wash, the less they’ll have to run to the store (or the less you’ll have to send supplies).

Shower Shoes: No one knows how past and present students have been using, and abusing, those showers. Don’t take the risk.

Bath Towels: No college student likes having to do laundry. Make sure they have at least two towels with them, so they can enjoy that soft clean feeling of a fresh towel without having to wash as often.

Items You’ll Need if You Have a Private Bathroom

Shower Curtain: Add some personality to their generic college bathroom with a fun shower curtain. It serves its purpose of keeping the bathroom cleaner, while giving it some décor that even your college student can appreciate.

Bathmat: Not only another nice touch of décor, a bathmat is also smart to prevent wet floors outside the shower. The last thing your college student wants is to have to explain a bathroom injury to their friends.

Air Freshener: College students work hard and play hard, so bathrooms can get smelly. Send them off with an air freshener that will keep the room smelling nice and clean, even if it may not be.

Bathroom Cleaners: Clorox wipes, anti-bacterial spray, toilet cleaner, etc. are easy-to-use cleaners that make a big difference in minimizing bacteria and germs. Invest in some multi-purpose cleaners that can be used on other surfaces and floors of their living space when needed too.

Bathroom Organizer: A small stand or shelf is a nice way to add another surface to the bathroom for hair, makeup and other hygiene essentials, while providing additional storage. Small baskets or containers can store items they prefer not to be seen.

Plunger: There’s no doubt the toilet will get clogged at some point. Better safe than sorry!

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